Law of Acceptance: Lessons and Advantages

5 Experiences I’ve had, and What I Learned From Them

1. I’ve been extremely poor and homeless. I learned from this that it is possible to be broke and happy: to live on love so to speak. I learned that I can work my way back up, and I am stong enough to withstand just about anything. I learned that the strong ask for help sometimes too.

2. I’ve been blinded by lust. I learned that lust isn’t always a bad thing, but commitment should be thought through more carefully. Nothing can be attained overnight and there is no time limit on love, unlike lust. If it’s right now, it will be right later.

3. I’ve felt the cold sleight of someone’s uncaring heart. I suppose you can’t know love without knowing hate, happiness without sadness. I learned that my weakest point is my heart. I learned to stay guarded and not let anyone in unless I got the right feeling- i learned not to force the connection if I don’t feel the connection naturally.

4. I’ve been heartless and callous to the point of hating myself for my actions. Again, I learned I am capable of anything- hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I am capable of being absolutely cruel without remorse, but it will always come back to haunt me in the end, even if it’s years down the road.

5. I’ve committed crimes out of desperation. I learned compassion for others by adopting their point of view. By needing to do the very thing I had despised in order to live, I saw what their life was like, and was less apt to judge.

20 Positive Things That Have Come Out of My Divorce

1. I am back in school.

2. My sons are not growing up with a bad male role model.

3. My older son will not be ridiculed in his own home.

4. I feel more valuable.

5. Let’s face it- He was stinky.

6. No more day-to-day stress of not knowing where rent or food is going to come from.

7.  No more worry about law enforcement.

8. Mental clarity from being an above board citizen.

9. Finding myself, and knowing it’s okay to be human.

10. Having my own space.

11. Returning to art.

12. Not having to apologize for my intelligence.

13.  Being free to meet new people without fear.

14. No sabotage.

15. Stability.

16. Being able to decorate how I want.

17. Eating good food now- no more icky creamed corn junk.

18. Being allowed to buy candles, soaps, smell good, and flowers.

19. Not having to answer to someone about where I was, who I was with….

20. Health, mental and physical from a reduction in drama!!!


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