Promises, Promises….

I like how in my first post I said I was going to try and post everyday and then I TOTALLY skipped the second day. That’s awesome!!!

I think I was in too much pain to even think about it. See, I being a very lazy woman in a society which insists on women being these freakishly hairless beings, don’t like to shave … SO… I thought “hm, how can I go a REALLY long time without performing this stupid task only to end up in the same predicament in a day…” Waxing came to mind, but it’s so expensive (I don’t mind the pain one bit actually- funny eh?) So instead I thought I’d get this Epilator. Little did I know that Epilator is “electric totrture devise” in some other language!! This thing is like plucking your legs!!!! What’s funny though is since I did my legs yesterday, and the swelling went down- seriously- I think I might stick to this. I don’t mind the pain so much since it gives me such satisfaction thinking I have maybe killed that frickin hair folicle!!! YAY!

Diet wise I did good- Weighed myself for the first time in a couple weeks- gained 4.5 pounds- urgh- but it’ll be fine. I took my vitamins, did cardio and pilates. Hopefully the scale will love me a lil more tomorrow!!

Oh! and I have a massage planned tomorrow, making hair appts, and a whole list of to-dos to keep my lonely ass busy. This is where friends would help. Or maybe a less busy love interest. Seriously, I end up where I am lonely all the time and don’t feel like doin anything since *sigh* nobody cares… OMG so emo!!!

Either way- a nice trend setting (hopefully) day. Perhaps I will write on deeper things tomorrow (or the next day) since I have just begun considering another aspect of my search for the meaning of life  (I will find it DAMN YOU)



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