Does man corrupt everything? In World Lit. 2 today we were on the subject of whether or not man in all his nature ruins things that once were whole.

Nature. We certainly have been hard on Mother Nature, but how much of this is just for our own survival? By the same measure, the migration of any new species into a new area can wreak some serious havoc on an area they previously did not inhabit. We just have more stuff. Sort of like if a friend has a bad run of luck and you let them stay with you until they get on their feet – do you consider them MORE of a moocher if they have more material belongings or keep their cherished pet too? Granted, I know many people who would indeed consider this person more irresponsible for keeping their things while having to bum a roof from someone else. We have taken our draining of the world’s resources to a whoole new level… cutting down trees and sucking out oil…. harvesting minerals and jewels that too thousands of years to form. We dig them all up, unamused, and chunck them on the pile. What a senseless and punishless crime! BUT on the other hand, we do out best to protect these most valuable lands like yellowstone or painted dessert… These places, if humans were left to their own  devices, would destroyed a LONG time ago…So I’m going to call this one a toss up.

okay, after a very looooonnngg drive to the store I had time to think of other things and consult some of my closest friends on the subject.

Religion of all sorts seems to generally start with an idea for the betterment of mankind – generally their souls. In thinking about Christianity and the Catholic church here recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that that religion is indeed very corrupt in its dealings with humanity. Why, if we are all equal in God’s eyes, can’t women be priests? Are priests as they are now not entitled to the family happiness, as a whole individual? No other profession requires you give up all of your personal joys in order to pursue the career itself. Why not offer relief from suffering by use of condoms in Africa since most people there are not having sex due to what the church considers a character defect, but merely to survive! If their beliefs tell them (including all Christianity) to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and support the unsupported, why then does the Christian sect continue to stick to itself and not reach out to help all of mankind? I see people all the time only working peacefully with others of their own kind simply because of that defining factor. What happened to “I give you peace, my peace I give you?”

Islam, which I personally consider one of the most perfect religions if it hadn’t failed to evolve with the times, also suffers from the same affliction. In fact maybe with a worse outbreak. Anyone who has read or has some true understanding of this religion can see it is based on peace and pursuit of human excellence in art, intelligence, and wealth. So why the fear? Why the hate? We, as humans, point our fingers at each other saying who started it but I venture to guess that something within our nature causes us to use whatever means necessary to make our own personal desires mesh with the outside justifications. “I hate them because they are___________.” Certainly I am not a fan of the hijab on principle, but I have to admit I enjoyed the comfort of wearing it. So maybe just like girls instinctively want to play with dolls, women want to be safe – and the hijab provides this. Should women and men be equal? (a question for another time)

My point I started off with in my head was terrorism on all fronts. Muslims, despite what some may think, are not the only terrorists. No, I’m afraid the Christians and before that the Romans ruled that roost. They perfected it since ya know, they are willing to blow themselves up in order to kill a couple of us (I still can imagine being so mad I’d kill MYSELF to kill YOU…sheesh) But doing it in the name of Islam? It ridiculous! Islam is not about that, it’s just a way they’ve used to justify what they’re doing – corrupting the goodness in order to make it right.

Government. Here again I come to something that SHOULD be working for the betterment of mankind – at least the mankind in a particular area. The hipocracy is something we’ve all become comfortable and complacent with. We know our politicians work for their own interests and hope to elect people who have the same private interests as ourselves in order for them to serve specifically *us*. Monday i was listening to yet another program discussing the job market, economy, and of course the national deficit and I remember thinking how juvenileit was to be so freaked out every time the dollar falls a little and considering our national debt. We need jobs. DOES ANYONE TAKE HISTORY???? I propose the government work on our infrastructure again like they did before. A lot of our bridges are from that time (40s or so) and they are crumbling under our feet. Things like White Rock Lake (a local man made lake close by was built during the same time for job generation) make our city a place I continue to want to live (which is sayin a lot since the land is ugly, the weather sucks, and the people are stupid). Why is it that politicians don’t even really work for the people who gave them the job? They throw the main part of the populous a bone every now and then to get re-elected but for the most part they work on behalf of their funders,  which now include any corporation that wants to since the recent Supreme Court ruling that corporations were entitled to free expression via campaign contributions. Does this mean that any elected official better side with big business if he wants to ensure he has a stable income with which to support his family? How could that NOT corrupt or basic sense of “justice”? (again a question for another time – what IS “justice”?)

So is it in our nature as human beings to corrupt good ideas or is it that the ideals of these systems are unattainable? Call me crazy, but I like to think that people do the best they can with the tools they have. I also like to think that everyone have every tool, just that some may be farther down in the box and if we could all just dig a little deeper  into oursleves, we’d find it there at the bottom: Compassion, Love, Understanding, and Patience. Certainly if a person like myself can find it, so can anyone else on this earth! I hope to maybe bring some of this out into the world when I get there and lessen some of the evils, but what can one person do?

I still have so many unvisited questions to muse about: If we are indeed corrupt individuals, where did we come about it? God? Environment? Genetics? Where?  Is there some purpose that the corruption fills for the pure? Can the pure exist without the corrupt? What’s corruption’s relationship with chaos? Cause and effect? Independent? My my, this may take a while…. but first… More sleep is needed….



4 thoughts on “Corruption

  1. Well at least you are tired as opposed to skiddish around the edges.Nice to see a new post from you but please to explain to I the uninitiated of the modern style what does your comment on My valentine mean..

    1. BTW … thats a heart… I’m still as skiddish as ever. heh. I also just updated if you want to read the rest of my musing of the night. I expect that now I’ll have more to muse about with Wold Lit 2 and whatnot. Thanks for reading and of course your wonderful writing, which is such a delight!

  2. You’re wrong Kanina. It is not religion that is itself corrupt but the implementation of the religion by HUMANs. While their SEEDS can make yummy snacks, adults, not so much by Wolfie’s standards. Humans strive to live in harmony, to understand, to live in peace; however, there are some humans that desire more, desire more than what is given to them. They become the objects of their desires and use any means to make that possible. Many of the Catholic Bishops and Popes often lived LAVISH lives (even though they were meant to take oaths of poverty as well). Hypocrisy? Why yes but you only mention the obvious my funny little Kanina; however, the root of the evil and terrorism lies not within the faiths but within the hearts of humanity.

    Does that make everyone at fault?

    Yes and no. Everyone has the potential to be corrupted but not everyone IS corrupt. It really just depends on the person and the environment they grow up in.

    Government is an excellent model demonstrating hypocrisy and corruption completely severed from the institution of faith. What we can draw from the duplicity of politicians is that it is self-serving, for the most part.

    So what does this mean? Well, technically, atheists and panatheists can be corrupt. Some may claim themselves as the epitome of logic and universal kindness but that is far from the truth. Kindness is not a centralised idea; it varies from person to person.

    1. I do think it’s up to everyone to correct the outliers. I start with the obvious because the details get lost before they can be type, and don’t be so condescending….

      I’m seeing a lot of ugliness in the world yet some how I’m happier than I was. Irony, the ugliness somehow has opened up the enjoyment of the positive traits in people.

      But what is corruption? What is morality? Who’s to say what I consider hypocrisy isn’t completely alright?
      Obviously, I have more to write….

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