Underneath Your Pillow

At night my half empty bed

fills my open arms

where you once lied

dreaming soundly with a pillow over your face

I lay here sleepless

the AC jumps to a start

And I lie here awake

half dreaming about your steady breath

Your intoxicating smell.

When did my bed become so cold?

Was it when I first felt your arms around me

as you slept?

I remember laying there awake

listening to your alien sounds

and relaxing but wondering

Why were we on the couch?

Why was I not welcome in your bed?

despite having done this myself to others.

I reached for you then since you calmed my fire

and I still reach for you

and you to me

over the vast expanse between us

our arms stretching hundreds of miles

through the heart of Texas

to each others hearts.

I will keep reaching for you

as long as you are willing to hold on as well

I will hold on to this new life

this dream

I will hold on to you at night

as you sleep

and dream

with your eyes closed tightly

underneath your pillow.


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