So I did the best thing EVER….

Despite all the new drama around here lately I have been very upbeat!

A while back when we went over to his mom’s house he showed me this little wind up lion that nearly made him tear up when it played “This Old Man.” So I thought quick and wrote down the manufacturer’s information and I HAVE FOUND IT. They changed it slightly (it’s now pastel, and plays “It’s a Small World”) but still! I ordered it and now I HAVE TO WAIT URG!

I am so bad about getting people things because I always want to give it to them like RIGHT RIGHT now!!! >.< Either way, I hope he likes it at least as a symbol of me wanting to have mad babies with him…. heh

I need to think up something different though  – now that I think about it, i’m not so sure if that is really for HIM per se…. I dunno, I’ve been hit by this wave of wanting to be really romantic like. EW squishy

So hm, what has happened since my last entry… I got a job working for a leasing place and loved it just in time to be fired for some bogusness involving my kiddos and the dick-faced apartment manager…. Maybe I’ll write on this tomorrow since I’m homebound for a while – yes – I need to write everyday!

Since moving here I have not written NEARLY as much as I would like since I have this man I like to make naked. and stuff. (*daydreams*)

I will make an appt for tomorrow then! The surprise thing was driving me crazy though – glad I got that out!

This is the lion....omg cute right?

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