4 days late

Wow. Really? Still a negative pregnancy test? This is getting tiresome.

I’m completely crazy from hormone and icky feeling…. My body is doing all kinds of crazy shit that usually I’d expect from the beginning of a pregnancy but yet I have doubt since I’ve been having hormonal fluctuations for a couple months now. Who knows. Either way,  I’ll take another in the morning and see what happens. 🙂

We walked around A&M today – I have all my stuff done for my application and am going to turn it all in Monday 🙂 I know I’ll get in, so I’m going to start researching scholarships and whatnot so I can get all that together….

We also went to moonlight dance at ren fest and danced all night so I’m off to bed. I looked like a damn idiot freakin losing step with everyone! Ugh. Need to take a ballroom dance course again….


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