When I hear about how hard it is to truly live a “christian” life sometimes it amazes me. I am not a christian~ I do not believe all this nonsense about the son of God, etc. etc. but I do believe in human good. It seems so easy to be kind to each other, but hardly anyone does it. It’s been so nice to be here – not that it’s perfect- but it does seem to know the importance of everyday pleasantries. I know my last bit of writing was very negative, but I have to say, this place (Bryan/ College Station) is far more peaceful and nice than DFW ever was.
The simplicity I was about to get to goes like this for example: instead of throwing someones wet towels out on the laundry room behind the washers, go ahead and put their towels in a dryer and start it. It’s not a lot of money and the kindness will comeback in spades. Stray Cat joked that our clothes were going to end up in the garbage since no good deed goes unpunished. Try letting someone with a crying baby in line behind you go in front for once~ will the lost time make you die sooner? It’s amazing to me how simple kindness can be but how much we all miss it. It all comes back anyhow!


One thought on “Simplicity

  1. Even a small kindness returns to you in multiple ways.No need to cloud the positive powers of the universe with religions and such,just be kind and believe in the essential goodness of self and others.

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