Morning Morning

Nothing important to report here, just missed my old blog a bit. I figure with how short tempered ive been i ought to give it a shot again. recent news: im now a married lady and am 4 months into creating a new life! i am very excited and just know i will be exceedingly happy with my stray cat. we got married last weekend out in the woodlands with a few close family by a friend who was ordained online >.< it was not a typical wedding but it was our kind of wedding!
now i need to finish economics this semester and then i go on to spend the summer with my boys, as i would not have it any other way! the universe has pointed me in that direction since i lost a temp job (wrongly, needing to attend a funeral does not equal lack of work ethic) and my dear sweet mother decided that now was a great time to take my car away (im not sure why now honestly but i cant help but think its awful close to the wedding) and my sitter is now at capacity with full time working moms so she said she will not be available to me thru the summer. all signs point to me and my boys spending an awesome summer together! swimming and going to parks… eating a ton of fruit and hoping for rain as we are now. the Brazos valley is a dust bowl and we have very little chance of rain this week …. its weird to see this lush green land all but withered … im sure the rain will come, that sweet summer rain here that lures the unsuspecting frogs out!
ive figured out i dont belong in an office in any fashion after this last temp job had me on the verge of mass murder (postal style) so i need to go back to considering architecture or philosophy … maybe literature and then teach? who knows. i just want to take german and spanish at the moment …. ❤ well my coffee is ready (get off, its one cup!) and mt econ is calling (yay, fiscal policy)

have an awesome day and…. do a rain dance for me


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