Hello Bronchitis!

I woke up sick today… real sick… i feel like ive been hit by a train. I hope i did okay on the economics exam today but at this point i can get 50s on all my remaining exams and still have an A so Im not too too worried~ this is why i stay way ahead, in case something happens i dont want to be barely hanging onto my A if/when it happens! I looked at cars today and Im not worried anymore about IF I will be able to replace what was taken from me, but it’s just a matter of when. I found plenty of beauties right here, i just need to get my down payment together~ I figure im gonna feel like ass for a couple months anyhow from what the Dr. said today so … it’s not like im gonna be going anywhere, besides going places requires money which i need to SAVE for car buying anyhow!! 😀
this has been a rough pregnancy … lots of morning sickness and soreness and im tired Tired TIRED … its weird. My boys were never this bad 😦 maybe this means ill get a girl? or just a pain in the ass boy ~ not like my sweet little angels (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) I need to get on my reading again, starting tomorrow. I cleaned and studied a little today but mostly i sat around and coughed and felt miserable. go me. Also, i need to hurry and get better, im getting fat fat and Bunnie needs to exercise!
but for now… sleep…


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