Rock or Sponge?

Sponges: absorb things from their environment with great ease. Words, ideas, even other people’s emotions. You feel like one with your environment and become moved easily by what you see, and perhaps by what other people think of you. You find that you adapt your mannerisms slightly, depending on who you’re talking to.

Rocks: you’re a bit more closed to the world – you’re not an open book and you’re not easily affected. You are proficient at “separating” yourself from you environment, and from your own inner experience. You can entertain many different thoughts and viewpoints, without actually accepting them. You mannerisms are more consistent, so you don’t adapt them very much to other people.

So one of my friends posed this question on Facebook and I thought it was ironic that you could only be one or the other, not both or some other thing. As if there are only 2 kinds of people! What a boring world we’d have if there were only rocks or sponges. Why can’t I be a sponge with healthy personal boundaries? I absorb other people’s ideas and care what they think, I change certain things depending on who I am dealing with but that doesn’t mean I can’t to a certain degree separate myself from others in my own defense. Just cause I feel for the homeless woman begging on the corner doesn’t mean I give up all I have to help her, or stay up not sleeping because homelessness exists. i don’t know the back story behind this woman’s misfortunes. I am the person that will go and get her something to eat. I am the person who will give her clothes, blankets, advice. I have let some homeless folks I’ve gotten to know stay with me until they found employment. But I don’t give out a blank check, I don’t give out cash. Does that make me a rock? Although I change depending on whom I am dealing with, I am still myself. Who’s to say the variations on me aren’t just that~ variation? Just because I can divide myself from others does that make me a certain type of person? I’m of the mind that you can’t expect to make everyone happy so why take the unfounded criticism to heart? I listen to what people say, I analyze it, and I talk it over with my honey. I process. But I never let the negative feedback be anything but a catalyst for change. After all,why live in a rut?  😉   I think it’s fun to think of the pure rock or pure sponge! How crazy they must seem!


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