Judgement Disclaimer

If you have come here to read and shake your finger at me, this post is for you. I am unashamed of my actions. I live my life to the best of my ability and I find no need to forgive myself or seek forgiveness for things I have done that I don’t consider wrong. This includes sex, seeking love, being naked online, being myself, being assertive, dressing how I want, cursing, not going to church, not believing in Jesus as the savior of humanity, etc. I will feel guilt for doing negative things (unwittingly) to people who were undeserving of my wrath. But this is rare, and I always find a way to earn back what I lost. Certain transgressions cannot be made up for, and I forgive myself to the best of my ability. If anything, I find that I am more honest (with myself and others) than the vast majority of religious and “pious” people. I don’t lie about who I am. I don’t take things I am not entitled to. I don’t abuse my children. That’s more than I can say for a lot of people. So if you are here to tell me I need to be saved, without any reasoning or discussion… stuff it. I am open to philosophical and theological discussion, but needless guilt trips I assure you will be like trying to teach a pig to sing ~ waste of your time, and a pissed off pig!


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