Pink Haired Freak

I have pink hair. I don’t do drugs, I don’t even smoke cigarettes. Does this surprise you? if you’re one of the ignorant populous, probably.

I have twelve piercings and two tattoos. I also had a 3.7 GPA when I graduated college. How does my choices on how to adorn my body reflect my ability to reason?

I had a baby 46 days after I turned 16 years old. I graduated before that time and have never been arrested as an adult. I’ve been to one juvenile facility. I have not received any food stamp or government assistance since I was 17. How does my one mistake mean I am certain to make others?

My BMI is 33 last time I checked. Men still find me sexy and I am still very strong and eat healthfully. I work hard. How does my weight predict my work ethic?

I’ve had over 100 sexual partners, including women. Most intercourse I’ve had was unprotected. I’ve never had any STD and am now happily married. How does one equal the other? How does my sexual freedom doom me to certain failure in relationships?

How am I an example of the most persecuted individuals in this society whilst the rest of humanity plays “hide the radioactive waste?” We move waste from polluted water, then toss those filters into landfills where it goes into the ground. Later we find we need to grow food, so we take it from the earth and pull the metal for manufacture which then becomes expendable. Say we burn our “garbage” this time and off into the air it goes. Down it comes as rain and so we start again.

I have an idea for a book. A really GOOD book, but I’m going to need you, my few blog readers, to bear with me as i mull over my thoughts.


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