My GoFundMe Page

My GoFundMe Page

10517473_10152398842207633_3314551670699011521_nCancer can hurt you in many ways. We didn’t fully understand the implications when we began. It’s been over two years since my initial diagnosis, but this family is still suffering: me (Hollie) from the neuropathy, side effects from chemo and the stem cell transplant, and side effects from all the medication. My husband has been on leave without pay for over two months because the stress has finally broken him down to where he is having dissociative amnesia. My son feels so insecure he’s been acting out in the most outrageous and unbelievable ways. For those people I’ve lost contact with because you got tired of me and mine not being A-Okay when you checked in, I’m sorry. Cancer doesn’t just eat your body sometimes- sometimes it eats your LIFE.


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