Anyone who wants to get in one of those tight ass leotards and high effin heels and DANCE is a-okay with me! Dancing like that takes time and effort y’all! And when they say they don’t want their children to see it what do they mean? how is it okay when women dress in less than that and dance in the same manner?
Here’s the idea that I don’t think these homophobes get that they’re sending. It’s a good thing for women to prance around practically naked and use sex/ her body/feminine wiles/ etc as a means to get or manipulate whatever she desires. She can even prance around near naked just because she likes to. But when a man does it, it’s degrading? Why? Are men’s bodies so grotesque that onlookers eye’s will bleed? are they not intelligent enough to learn choreography? Is moving gracefully to music not something they can connect with emotionally? On the flip side, is their worth as a person so great that dancing “like a woman” damages not only himself, but the respectability on mankind? What is so special about men’s body’s that they can’t be displayed? If the same group had shown up in cargo shorts, flip flips and no shirts, even though they’d be showing more skin, they probably wouldn’t have had the hatred they had expressed toward them. So what do these Homophobic women plan on telling their sons about their bodies? “God made you and your sister perfect, but um …. you need to keep your shirt on?” There’s so much on how the world isn’t fair for women….what about how unfair it is for men?