Just Another Trip to the Hospital

So just one of those odd things once you’ve had cancer- your body is essentially a clunker, things run too hot or too cold. Thing ache or break for no reason. As of late, my feet have become bruised. Not like a little bruised, like… “what the hell happened to your feet!” bruised. The only new med is the antibiotic my doc said i needed to commit to being on for at least a year. I’m thinkin not so much now. This is mad painful and I just still don’t know how I got caught up in all this illness! So I spent a few hours getting checked out for blood clots at my local Emergency Room. Yay me.

I seemed like I was doin just fine, looking forward to summer camping and hiking….. even thought I might clean up my diet a tad and loose hose last few vanity pounds. Then BAM! I suddenly got sicker than I’ve been in a year or so! and now … I just can’t shake it! I went back to the eye doc thinkin my vision prescription had to be wrong- I was blind as a bat!- nope It’s the INFLAMMATION ON MY EYE causing the sight problems and once he gave me steroid drops they cleared right up- only now he says I have such a scab built up on my eye he might have to PEE: THE SCAB and give me a contact lens to help heal it


I’m already wigging out at this idea. Least my mouth has stopped bleeding and my vag is all better (tmi I know) ¬†Seriously. my body is a hoopty now…. without the backfires!

Hubs finally got fired (saw that comin!) and he rather cooly said he’d better start lookin for work. I don’t understand why he had to wait until he was officially fired to do this instead of starting to look once he had made up his mind that he wasn’t going back- men are just different I tell ya! but anyhow, since he has insurance through the end of the month I convinced him to get his sleep study dont since i believe he has some sort of spnea and it could qualify him for disability. disability aint much but the medicaid sure is nice and it wouldn’t talk much more than that to keep us afloat. I just hope I get this grant I applied for so I can go back to school for engineering or architecture or something ….



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