Beginning of a vent

It’s been a hellva day. hellva week…. ugh just hellva time…. We were supposed to get up and go to Stefan’s psych evaluation in Austin but I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. It started last Thursday really. He had a sleep study and the babies were with my mother in law. so it was just me and my oldest chickadee. He has been in trouble for like a year so now that he’s doing better I was so eager to have a fun day with my well behaved sweet boy 🙂 So we go about having a good ol day when hubby calls and right from the start I knew he was going to become combative. As soon as he found out we were at a frozen yogurt shop instead of at home in a deep depression without him he was just itchin to fight.

So after the bad phone call, i tried my best to move on but it just bothers me the idea that I have to be concerned about that immature jealousy. So when he gets home he was being a jerk and spanked my kid for no fuckng reason. I was mad but I didn’t have the energy to argue. So I went to bed. I heard him yelling at my kid- terrible things about how he was going to leave and it was all the kid’s fault and how the kid was going to have to watch me die slowly and it it was all my kids fault… i woke up long enough to tell  my kid to take a shower and go to bed. Instead he decided to run away. Hubby decided to not wake me up until he couldn’t find him for over an hour! Eventually the vops brought him back but he’s had bad oxygen numbers ever since because he’s allergic to grass and trees. So we went tothe doctor today to look at why his heart was racing and his oxygen is so low.

I have a rant i need to get out but im actually too upset and tired to do in…. to be continued…….


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